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Zain Bikha

Zain Bhikha was born in 1974 in Pretoria, South Africa. He started singing from a young age, though entertaining family and friends was as far as he went. In 1994, Zain Bhikha entered a singing competition on a local radio station. From thousands of entries he won the competition. This success led to his first album 'A Way of Life' (1994). It soon became a rousing success amongst the South African Muslim community. Thus came 'Praise to the Prophet (S.A.W)' (1996), followed by 'Fortunate is He' (1997) and 'The Journey' (1998). All proved extremely popular and began to filter abroad. And so it was that Yusuf Islam came across one of Zain Bhikha's albums and invited him to London to work with him. The result was 'A is for Allah' (2000). After this came more albums by the duo as well as individual albums by Zain Bhikha, Mountains of Makkah being hi latest one (2005)

Allah Knows

Track List:
1. Allah Knows
2. Flowers are Red
3. My Mum is Amazing
4. Pizza in his pocket
5. Lay down your head
6. Can't U See
7. Slowly Slow
8. Can't take it with you
9. Deen-il-Islam
10. A Child's Prayer

Bonus voice only tracks:
11. Flowers are Red
12. My Mum is Amazing
13. Pizza in his pocket
14. Lay down your head
15. Can't U See
16. Slowly Slow
17. Can't take it with you
18. Deen-il-Islam
19. A Child's Prayer

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