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Zain Bhika

Ever since Zain Bhikha\'s wonderful voice was featured on A is for allah, this young man from South Africa has gone on from strength to strength, proving himself to be a popular and accomplished singer of Islamic nasheeds. Towards the Light highlights Zain\'s naturally beautiful coice and song writing ability. Compiled from previously released albums, Towards the Light contains songs selected by Zain, some of which have been re-mixed with harmonies. Tracks include, The Jorney, Welcome O Ramadan and the popular Nabi-un-Nab.

Tract List:
1. The Journey
2. Which of Allah’s favours can we deny?
3. Praise to the Prophet (PBUH)
4. Welcome O Ramadan
5. Eidun Sa‘idun
6. You are very special
7. Fortunate is he
8. Nabi-un-Nabi
9. Give thanks to Allah
10. Farewell
11. You are never alone
12. Tala‘a ’l-badru ‘alayna

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