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Zain Bhikha

Mountains of Makkah was inspired by a jouney Zain Bhikha took to Mecca for the Great Pilgrimage of Hajj in February 2004. Zain Bhikha wrote many of the songs in Mecca and Madina which describe the awe inspiring the first look at the Holly Kaaba to the historic mountains of Makkah as well as the the feeling of the breeze in the city of Madina, the city of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)

Mountain of Makkah

Tract List:
1. Introduction of Makkah.
2. Mountains of Makkah.
3. Heart of Muslim.
4. City of Medina.
5. Forgive me when I whine.
6. Sabr & Shukr.
7. Labbaik.
8. O' Lord.
9. Here I am.
10. Shaitaan.
11. The Journey.

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